Senior Consultant

Nick King

Nick is a highly experienced talent manager and legal advisor, having represented some of the most high profile sportsmen in the World as well as sports clubs and governing bodies. Added to his experience playing football at semi-professional level, he has an in depth understanding of the sports industry at all levels.

Nick is an FA Registered Intermediary with a roster of quality players as well as being at the forefront of 366’s Motor Sports division. He is vastly experience in the motor sports sector having worked previously with the likes of Valentino Rossi and is a key part of the team that manages the career of Renault F1 Reserve driver, Jack Aitken.

Nick is considered a “go to” lawyer for high profile clients who have found themselves in the middle of a media storm and are needing advice on how best to protect their reputations and privacy. Nick has also given advice and successfully represented sportsmen in relation to disciplinary proceedings brought against them by their governing bodies.

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