"Winning isnโ€™t everything, but wanting to win is"

Vince Lombardi


We represent players, managers and broadcasters. We work very closely with rights holders, clubs, brands and associations and continue to have a trusted reputation.


Representing high profile talent in domestic, international and franchise cricket. Our strong relationships with associations, governing bodies, rights holders and franchises enables our clients to fulfil their real potential and maximise career earnings.

Motor Sport

We work with the most promising talent within Motor Sports. We use our expertise and relationships with global brands to strategically enable partnerships with our clients and their teams.


Working commercially with high profile boxers and promoters to assist in maximising their earning potential, both individually and through promoters and various promotions companies.


Representing high profile managers, coaches and players providing specific commercial advice and completing all aspects of contractual negotiations.


Representing rights holders, commercial partners and young developing talent that has already performed on the global stage.